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Design of Ideal Chicago Community School Prototype

Archeworks in partnership with the Chicago Public School System (CPS) and The Chicago Campaign to Expand Community Schools will work with designated Campaign schools and explore how good design can assist in bringing the school to the community and the community into the school.

The Chicago Public School System has identified a growing need to integrate the school and the community it serves by encouraging and bringing activities for the family into the school. The existing buildings do not accommodate the new needs and are difficult to adapt for a successful Campaign program.

Student Recommendations
and Results

The Archeworks team examined fence elements on the school grounds of Eli Whitney Primary School. With a multitude of successful after-school programs open to the community, the team sought to address the physical barriers of the school and make it more inviting and even inhabitable for the constituents of the school and the surrounding community. The final design proposal is 135 feet of undulating, wooden landscape to accommodate the current functions of the existing space at Eli Whitney Primary School.

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