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  Dual Design

Design of a "Tools for School" Store

A FREE store for teachers stocked with repurposed products and donations from design and manufacturing businesses and individuals. This project seeks to expand Archeworks’ role in the community and advocate for design in the public realm.

The project will include the sustainable practice of transferring donated merchandise from design and manufacturing businesses and individuals FREE to teachers for use in their classroom and school. This project will require design on many levels - creative conceptualization of a free store design, the design of products for education, packaging, managing the donations, resourcing methods of useful product designs manufacturing i.e. prison system, promoting and graphically developing the identity for the store and product designs. The student team will also seek partners to support their mission.

Student Recommendations
and Results

The Archeworks team utilized donated materials to create educational tools. The team sought to engage people in the process of creating tools from donated items. They produced a sample box of donated items, created prototypes and wrote a book detailing their methodology and theories that allow teachers and students to participate in the process of bettering their learning spaces.


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