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Bringing People to the Table

Susanne Schnell & Catherine Muller, Editors
2011, 79 pp., color illus., Paperback.

Bringing People to the Table captures the year-long Archeworks design challenge that launched the social and cultural enterprise known as the Mobile Food Collective, and traces the MFC’s journey from south-side Chicago neighborhoods to Venice piazzas. This limited edition book is one of three pieces from our 2010 Venice Biennale exhibition that are now part of the permanent Architecture + Design collection at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Martin Felsen, Editor
Katie Vail, Assistant Editor
2009, 23 pp., single ed. journal.

WORKS explores the linkages between ways we design our cities and ways we treat our resources, between stuff we make and things we waste, and between design ideas and disciplinary ideals. It is a medium for speculation, experimentation, and discussion on the future of urbanism in Chicago, the City that Works.

WORKS is a collaboration with Rick Valicenti of thirst.


Passing the Baton: The Next Generation of Design Leadership in Chicago

Edited by Stanley Tigerman
Assisted by Cara Cantlebary Flaster
2008, 82 pp., b&w illus., Paperback

Having just stepped down from the helm of Archeworks, cofounders Stanley Tigerman and Eva Maddox decided to challenge a new generation of leaders in the fields of architecture and design to envision a new design landscape for Chicago and outline his or her specific goals. Symposium panelists include Zurich Esposito of AIA Chicago, Sarah Herda of the Graham Foundation, Joseph Rosa and Zoe Ryan of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Archeworks’ newly appointed directors, Martin Felsen and Sarah Dunn of UrbanLab. This book is the transcript of the event.


The Archeworks Papers vol 1. Number Five

Edited by Stanley Tigerman
2008, 60 pp. Paperback

This edition of The Archeworks Papers features designer Bruce Mau’s essay ‘Now That We Can Do Anything, What Will We Do?’ with responders Eva Maddox, Doug Garofalo, Bob Somol, and Stanley Tigerman. Mau presented his essay in November 2007 as part of the Archeworks Lecture Series.


The Archeworks Papers vol 1. Number Four

Edited by Stanley Tigerman
2007, 64pp. Paperback

This edition features Annie Pedret’s paper Beneath Ethics: Love, Being, and Non- Action. Pedret is an Associate Professor at the School of Architecture, University of Illinois at Chicago. Her paper is responded to in essays written by Archeworks cofounders architect Stanley Tigerman and interior designer Eva Maddox, with Sarah Whiting, Assistant Professor of History and Theory at Princeton University.


Convention Challenged: 12 Years of Archeworks

Edited by Stanley Tigerman and Eva Maddox
2006, 160 pp., b&w illus. Paperback

With commentary from the cofounders, administrators, project facilitators, students, and project partners and consultants, this publication offers clarity, complexity, and ambiguity in describing Archeworks’ 12-year history as an avant-garde education and design institution in Chicago.


The Archeworks Papers vol 1. Number Three

Edited by Stanley Tigerman
2006, 138pp. Paperback

This third issue of The Archeworks Papers features former Archeworks faculty member and art historian Ben Nicholson’s Paper New Harmony: The Hands Can’t Do What the Mind Can’t See. The paper is responded to by Archeworks Co-founders Eva Maddox and Stanley Tigerman, and former Archeworks faculty member architect Doug Garofalo.


The Archeworks Papers vol 1. Number Two

Edited by Stanley Tigerman
2005, 168 pp. Paperback

For this second issue of The Archeworks Papers, Archeworks commissioned design historian and theorist Clive Dilnot to write a paper based on his October 2004 lecture at Archeworks entitled ‘Design? Ethics?’. The book also includes responses to Mr. Dilnot’s work by Stanley Tigerman, Daniel S. Friedman


The Archeworks Papers vol 1. Number One

Edited by Stanley Tigerman
2004, 44 pp. Paperback

This is the first of a series of annual commissioned lectures delivered by independent scholars on self-similar subjects that are then published as a book. These papers form the basis of the Archeworks pedagogy. This volume contains essays by Stanley Tigerman, Eva Maddox, Victor Margolin, and Doug Garofalo.


DESIGN DENIED: The Dynamics of Withholding Good Design and its Ethical Implications

Edited by Michael LaCoste
Introduction by Stanley Tigerman
2005, 120 pp. Paperback

Edited and written by Archeworks students who investigated the withholding of good design from certain segments of society, this book encourages discourse on withholding and includes a detailed addendum of research conducted by Archeworks students on the subject.

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