Archeworks Individual Supporters

Archeworks is grateful to the following individuals for their generous support.

$50,000 and above

The Neisser Family Fund

$20,000 and above

David and Celia Hilliard
Eva and Lynn Maddox

$5,000 and above

Laurence and Patricia Booth
Amy Cassell
Howard Conant
Phillip J. Enquist
Marshall and Laura Front
Virginia and Gary Gerst
Jordana Joseph
Christopher C. Multhauf
Ryan Nestor

$2,500 and above

Ned Cramer
Philip Enquist and Joanna Karatzas
Frank O. Gehry & Associates
Nathan and Evelyn Grossman
Anne L. and Burton B. Kaplan
Bradley Lynch
Eric and Cheryl McKissack
James Nagle
Colette Rodon-Hornoff
Joel Press and Gayle Rosenthal
Linda Searl
Stanley Tigerman and Margaret McCurry
Patricia Werhane
Richard Wright

$1,000 and above

Bill and Carolyn Achenbach, In Honor of Stanley Tigerman and Eva Maddox
Emma Bloomfield
Richard and Gail Elden
Jeanne Gang
John F. Hartray, Jr.
Gregory Howe
Linda T. Neal
Elizabeth Richter
Elva Rubio
River North Association
Maria and Bill Smithburg
Robert A.M. Stern
John Syvertsen

$500 and above

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Almeida,
In Honor of Patricia Booth
Roger Carlson
Ellen Carnahan and William Daniels
John Cary
Doris Conant
Dirk Denison
John DiCiurcio
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Elden,
In Honor of Judith Neisser
Susan Page-Estes
Louis E. Freidheim
Richard and Mary L. Gray
Ellen Dineen Grimes
Ruth P. Horwich
Ralph Johnson
Timothy B. Johnson
Peter Landon
Toby D. Lewis Philanthropic Fund
Donald and Nancy Los
Charles Michod
Cesar Pelli
Bettylou and Paul Saltzman
Ruth Schmidt
Bronwyn Poole and Peter Schmitz
Melvyn A. Skvarla
Rick Valicenti
Rebecca Wood

$250 and above

Samuel Assefa
Ted Baxter
Nicholas Balster
William Bouvel
John Buenz
Case Handyman Services, In Honor of Linda Searl
John and Rose Schnell Cole Scott Crowe and Lisa Kulisek, In Memory of Robert Burns
Robert O. Delaney
Francis De Santis
William and Katharine Dewitt
William Donnell
John S. Durbrow
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Prussian
Nathan Grossman
John F. Hartray Jr.
Reuben Hedlund
Ruth P. Horwich
Ralph E. Johnson and Kathleen Nagle
Timothy B. Johnson
Pam Lamaster-Millett
Jeffrey Mack and Carol Alderson
Georgianna Olivieri
Jeff Olsen
Lynn Osmond
Diane Pascal and Thomas Richie, In Honor of Martin Felsen and Sarah Dunn
Gordon and Claire Prussian
Jill and Ron Rohde
John Ronan
Steve Saunders
David V. Schacht
Peter L. Schaudt
Judson Tigerman
J. Valerio
John Vinci
Chip Von Weise

$125 and above

George W. Blossom, III
Louise Braverman
Deborah Colman
John and Gladys Cramer, In Honor of Ned Cramer
Robert and Quinn Delaney
Toni and Joel Fenchel, In Honor of Stanley Tigerman
Jonathan Funkhouser
Carolyn Grisko
Helyn Goldenberg
Thomas Hirsch
Nathan Kipnis Architects, Inc.
Bill Kurtis and Donna LaPietra
Kolar Design
Beverly Meyer
Collette O. Pollock
Donald Ratner John W. Rogers
Tim Swanson
Travis Trott
James and Debra Vail

Other amounts

Nicolas Anderson
Phyllis Apelbaum
Jeffery Arena
Sarp Arditi
Kathleen Baltman
Lois Berry, In Honor of Jeff Berry
Maura Brown
Andreason Brown
Matthew and Kay Bucksbaum
Philip Burton
Thom and Sheila Cantlebary
Teresa Cassell
Kevin Chavous
Elizabeth Cheng
John H. Cole
Allan and Anne Crevi
Eric Davis
Elizabeth De Santis
Ann and Mark Feldman
Joel H. Fenchel
Amy M. Ferguson
Lester Fisher
Neil P. Frankel
Sari Gluckin
Marsha Goldstein
Barry Grace
Arthur Gunn
Justine Jentes
Lawrence and Jill Haas
Paul Jaskot
Charles J. Kerstetter
John and Diane M. Kitchell
Paul Kuhn
Aric Lasher
Richard L. Lazar
John and Jill Levi
Victor and Sylvia Margolin
Patricia A. Martin, ASID, In Honor of William T. Brown
Susanna B. Matthews
Ann Melichar, In Honor of Phyllis Melichar
Timothy Mennel
Beverly M. Meyer
Adam Panza
Kisoon Park
Marilyn S. Payton
Annie Pedret
Vital and Kimberly Pendo
John Podmajersky
Elizabeth Prendergast
Joel Press
Elizabeth D. Price
Mason Pritchett
Drew Ranieri
Jill Riddell and Tim Brown
Steven Rugo
Anthony Ruzicka
Susan and Mike Ryder
Jamie Sebold
Alexander Sexsmith
Rachel Schripsema
William Sharp
Barry and Linda Schaye
Charles Smith
Angela Spinazze
Terry Surjan
Joanna Tannebaum
Hollis Turner
Florence Twu
Sharon P. Wang
John A. Washburn
Julia Wheeler
Thomas White
Cece Yu