If you have been recommended by your employer for a fellowship, please fill out the form below and upload your resume and work samples. You do not need to complete any other form. Please email Hilary Gabel with any questions.

Certificate Program Fellowship Application

  • School / Major or Degree / Date
  • School / Major or Degree / Date

  • Company / Position / Date
  • Company / Position / Date

  • Please explain why you want to be part of ARCHEWORKS. (250 words max)
  • Work Samples

    Please provide documentation of projects that you have been involved with from start to finish. Ideally these should be projects that you are passionate about and initiated or played a leadership role.

    Present a complete project narrative including the project goals and contextual information, your specific role in the project, project partners, the process used for testing ideas, and the project deliverables. The projects can be of any scale, from drawings and product design to research, organizational planning, and policy work. We are interested in the intention and ‘craft’ behind your work.

    This information can be delivered through your choice of medium including written, graphic, and audio/video format. The presentation should clearly describe the final product as well as critical elements of the creative process.
  • If your submissions are graphic or written attachments, please upload a single multi-page PDF (10MB max). If you prefer another digital format, please contact Hilary Gabel to discuss.
  • Resume

    Please upload a PDF of your current resume.
  • Please provide the name of the person recommending you for the fellowship.

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