Building Sustainable Food Systems – Part 2


In our second year of collaboration with Growing Power Chicago the ARCHEWORKS design team explored the role design plays in building equitable and accessible food systems to cultivate healthy communities. The team proposed products, programs and services to promote greater food system awareness and improve productivity at urban farm sites across the City including Growing Power’s Iron Street Urban Farm. These initiatives addressed the citywide need for greater awareness and participation in the local food movement especially in areas without access to affordable, fresh and high-quality food.

The project aimed to build relationships between urban farms and the communities they serve, connecting “eaters and feeders”, through the development of maps, wayfinding strategies and communication tools. The project included a regional food campaign, enhancement of entrepreneurial programming with Growing Power’s Youth Corps, expansion of Growing Power’s weekly produce delivery program, identification of safe bike routes to get people to the farm, and the creation of a wayfinding system using on-site signage. Through these initiatives, the team explored the principles of universal design, and the potential for urban agriculture to be more accessible and inclusive to all city residents. The team focused on two primary audiences: youth from low-income backgrounds participating in Growing Power’s Youth Corps program, and people with disabilities, including those who have experienced strokes. Our broad aim is to support innovative community-driven solutions, and more inclusive resident participation in healthy lifestyles in areas with a longstanding history of food insecurity.

View the food awareness campaign posters